Posted March 27th, 2014 by stacey

I finally have done it!  I’ve moved on and up and have finally left my job and am now working for my own company!  Well me and my husbands company.  We have owned if for the past 6 years and I have stayed with the company that I worked for for the last 10 years while always wanting to work for myself and it’s finally happened!  I’m so excited, I have been on pins and needles for the past 6 months!  I have my old office 5 months notice that this was going to happen in April, wasn’t sure if it would be the 1st of April or the last of it but definately April this year and here it is.  Just so happens that it is the 1st of April and now it’s done.

I will officially be parting ways 3/28/14!  YEAH!

I have to say I will miss the people that I worked with but not the stress and crap that went with it all.  I have made it a good move for me by giving them so much notice and even said I would come back and fill in here and there on contract labor if they would like me to when others in my department were on vacation or should something arise and they agreed to that and will pay me healthily for it.  So I have parted ways with my head up and with that bridge firmly intact so it’s all good.  I have been really looking forward to this and it’s a whole new game for me.  I love working with hubby and he needs the help badly, things in the office are starting to get really overwhelming with him being the service and sales guy and the office guy too so me coming on will take some of the stress off and I’m learning as I go but have been working here off and on for the last year on my days off as well so the learning curve is steep but I’m getting there in record time just learning from hubby and working thru it all.

So heres to onward and upward and can’t wait to start a new chapter in my crazy life!


om gosh so many things going on!

Posted January 25th, 2014 by stacey

So it’s been months since I blogged!  There have been so many changes in my life since then.  I read over some of the last few posts and it’s crazy the things that have changed since them.  Holy Cow!

Lets see, I have been working non stop at my job, and then days I’m not there I’m working at the spa store, and then at home as well.  I have been doing hair at home in my salon alot as well on the Sundays and days I have taken off from both of the shops so that I can get alittle downtime.  We painted our house both inside and out, well out is about 3/4 done and then the weather got to nasty to continue so it has to wait till it warms up again, we put in new vinyl windows on almost the whole upper floor.  What a job that was, breaking out all the old single pain glass and casings and then installing new windows, but it looks fantastic and I love it.  Thanks to the hubby whom is a wiz at stuff like that we got it all done in only 3 days!  WootWoot!  Then the painting really took shape.  We cut out old trees and got our pool set up done and it looks fab!  We took some of the old tree trunks that were rotted and used them as huge planters, have pics I guess I need to load and show off as they were great!  Not so right now all covered in snow still and not very pretty with no florals in them yet, I cant wait for spring and summer again.

The kids are doing ok, Nick is working off some of his time so he wont have to spend any days in the clink, kids are making me crazy but it’s ok, he is still working at our shop a few days a week and doing ok there, Megz is still in limbo wit the whole marriage thing, I think they are trying to work it out but I guess I don’t care one way or the other in that family, I can’t stand her hubby he is so lazy it about drives me battshit crazy but I don’t have to live with the ass so I guess it’s on her not me.  I just love the grankids and Megz the rest of that family can bite me!  Brandy is due to have another kid in about 6 months and she is excited about it and they are looking to buy another house, her first marriage went south and she took it all in stides and has rebuild a life for her and Tay and its all working for her without the xhubby so it’s all good, the new guy is great but they aren’t married and not sure when or if they will be but it’s just not my issue so I don’t push one way or the other.  They will figure it out or they won’t but for now it’s all about the baby and so far we are told they think it’s a boy.  So Tay will have  a little brother.  Yeah!

We got a new puppy about 6 months ago, as the hubby and I wanted a one for him.  He has missed his aussie/bcollie mix that we had since he had to be put down years ago so I did alot of searching and found one that picked us.  He is a black and white, not the blue merle that we were wanting originally, not that they didn’t have a couple but it wasn’t about the color it was about the dog that picked us.  And this one definately picked us.  He is all that and a bag of chips, he is overly smart, friendly, cute, funny, crazy and just so us.  EXCEPT  we wanted a dog that would travel with us to the coast on our trips and be a shop dog with Hubby and I and he hates the car.  He foams at the mouth, he drools to beat the band and he barfs if he rides to long! ugh!  All in my new TRUCK!  UGH!  I have to do some serious training and use so real skill to get that under control or he is never going to be able to make it to the coast with us.  HE can’t make it 30 miles without being sick in the truck so it’s got to be overcome. LOL  We will see.

I finally told my full time job that I was going to quit and gave them till April for that to happen and they were really nice about it.  I told them the end of November what my plan was and that I am going to work for hubby and they really were good about it.  I had thought that it would not go to well and they would be pissed but they didn’t and actually it’s taken alot off my shoulders and helps me be a bit more relaxed while I’m there.  I was so stressed it wasn’t even funny, I hated going to work.  Now things are a bit better, they know and I know there is an end date and it’s all good.  I’m hoping for sooner than later but I owe them to stay till April and then I’m done.  One job is more that enough in this stage of my life.  I want to relax a bit.  Enjoy some of my life again.  Haven’t seen friends in almost a year now and I miss it.  No time for fun when you work all the friggin time.

So om gosh there is so much going on in life it’s crazy!  I am hoping to get out to the coast again soon, I need a break from all of this, not sure it’s going to happen but maybe closer to the end of the year, but I need to be on a beach and watch the ocean waves for a bit to “center” me.

Well hope all is well with all


learning to be lazy

Posted May 11th, 2013 by stacey

I Am not sure I have ever been really lazy.  Even growing up I was always busy doing something from school or home or sports or chores there was never actually nothing to do.  we were taught to work hard and do your best s anything worth doing is worth doing right and the first time as well.  IWas never the kid that slept in for hours on any day ot watched tv for hours at a time, bored easilly and can’t sit still for to long.  NOt usually a bad thing but it is when you get to take a day that you dont have the ability to know how to relax and enjoy it.  I HAVE A FULL DAY TO MYSELF AND DO NOT KNOW HOW THE HELL TO FILL IT.  RELAX BE LAZY THEY SAY BUT……I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!!!!!……..Trust meIAm trying but I am sitting here thinking about all the stuff I need to get done, or I guess I should do and I have been told NO, your going to rest relax and take a day and do nothing but be lazy,  what does that even mean?  gawd!  So I guess for today I will work on learning how to be a relaxed person or try to be one that takes a day to be lazy.  I am certain that it wont last long or go well but we can try.  does blogging in the bath count as a relaxed or being lazy thing cause all I can think about is buying flowers and mowing the yard and planting stuff and how this is not using my day wisely sitting here blogging instead of getting things ready for the next coming week.  pretty sure thats not what relaxing is all about.  l



Posted April 19th, 2013 by stacey

I am so excited, we are heading out the coast on saturday for a few days and I can’t wait. I have been waiting and working towards this for the past several months and it’s finally here. We are taking mom and Brandy and Tayty with us for the first 4 or 5 days then they will head home and hubby and I will stay for a few more totally alone. Woohoo
It’s way overdue for me as I have been working nonstop for the past months with no days off between home kids work and the business every spare day I get I work somewhere and I’m tired out. it’s way past time for a little downtime. I think I have more than earned a little break. Hope it’s all we have been looking forward too and then some. Good weather is always a plus but if it’s not great then we will stay in and enjoy the weather and the waves and the sunsets anyway and do some very relaxing reading!

grankids and the like……

Posted April 17th, 2013 by stacey

So it’s been awhile since I updated on the grankids and the like so I have a bit of free time finally and thought I should put some stuff in.

The kids are growing like weeds in the garden and they get cuter and funnier all the time. 

Taytum or Tayty is now almost 6 and she is a kick in the shorts all the time, she is a bundle of high energy and she is fantastic!  She does gymnastics with 8 – 12 year olds 3 times a week and can blow some of them out of the water with the beam and floor stuff.  She is unstopable!  She made the team and can’t actually compete around the state till  next year but she is ready and brave as crap!  It’s hard to watch her do some of the stuff cause you know if she misses it’s gonna hurt bad, but she is fearless!  She is cute as can be and a ball to be around and she loves the beach and agate hunting and looking at all of them when we are at home.  She loves to sit and color with me in our “special” colorbooks.  She is a HUGE harry potter fan and we always have to have a movie at night when she stays with us and it’s always a harry movie.  LOL  go figure!

Then there’s Ethan, and he has the trach out and he has a voice, it’s not as loud as most kids but it’s there and he knows how to use it!  He loves to smile and laugh and be a real boy!  He loves to be outside and with the big dogs and playing.  He loves the sandbox and the slides and everything to do with being outdoors!  You can’t keep that boy indoors!  He has had enough of that!  he is a busy kid and he is so funny, he is always smiling no matter what happens and he is a trooper and a half.  He had to go down to SLC last month for a check and he got a clean bill of health for the 6 months that he has been free and they are weaning off some of the meds finally.  So he now goes back in July for a scope is all then they will determine if they can keep weaning off the meds and do without some altogether finally.  So here’s to hoping!

Riley is our most difficult, as he likes his dad, mom, and family but not so much a big fan of people outside of his house of family.  We try but when he even looks at me he starts to lip quiver and doesn’t want to be held or anything, so he is a difficult one to bond with at all.  He is so much like his dad it sucks!  But oh well to each his own.  He comes over to grammy and papas and wont even try to interact so it makes it hard on us.  One day maybe the boy will come around but so far no go.  You would think at almost 3 he would be over that but nope.

Then there’s little miss Maddilyn, AKA Peanut!  She is a doll!  I love her to bits and peices!  Papa loves the girly too and she is the most happy of all the babies!  She is cute and sweet and she is all smiles and giggles!  She is almost 8 months now and she is so little!  She is a ittybitty thing and don’t think she is going to ever grow.  lol.  She is moving all over the place and she is teething and even then she is smiling like nothing is going on!  She is a cutie and has the personallity like taytum, a go getter and she thinks her big brother ethan is the bomb!  lol

Anyway that is it for the grankids and they are all over all the time at grammy and papas and we are loving it all!  We love the grands!

Kids are all doing well too.  Brandy is finally 2 months from her bachlors in psychology and then she is 8 months from her masters and she is working already as a paid intership and loving it.  She is finally out on her own again with Tay and they have a place finally.  megz and family are doing good, living in the little house we bought a couple years ago and making it a really nice little home for themselves.  Took a bit to finally get them to take care of the yard and stuff on their own and not depend on us for  it and it’s working out good now.  Nick is just Nick at this point, he is hanging out with grampa alot and they have  a place together, he is dating a gal and so far seems to be doing pretty well there, but he has an issue with alcohol and that worries me ALOT, but we will see if he can come around in a bit from that.  We are still working on it with him.

As for me and hubby we are just busy busy busy and trying to keep it all together and heading the right direction.  Business is slow but steady and always gets better so it’s a good thing.  We are heading out to the beach very very soon adn we are totally ready to get a break from the busy life we are living right now and take a slowdown.

Beachcation here we come!  YES!


tablet keyboard

Posted April 17th, 2013 by stacey

So I went and bought a keyboard for my tablet cause so far I love it!  I bought the keyboard cause the screen is just to tight to use the keyboard on screen and it killed me to type with it.  I thought it was cute and so compact this keyboard but when I tried to type on it it was awful!  I felt like I had to keep my elbows together to use it as it was make for a 5 year olds hands.  Tay by the way loves it for her tablet.  LOL.  So it was a fairly spendy gift for taytum.  So I found another one that I hoped would be a bit better and I can take them both back and return them if I hate the other one as well but it’s waaaaayyyy bbbbetttter!  I love it.  I can actually use it to type normally this time.  And it folds up and stores in my new tablet bag as well so it’s great!

So  far that is the worst thing about a tablet is the size of the keyboard and the learning curve is ok, jusst not as user friendly yet as I would like it to be.  I have a bit still to learn about a few things but the internet if you have a questions you just type it in and all the answers are right there for you to find if you just take a look and listen to what other people found and put out there to help others.  So far it’s great.

Can’t wait to head out to the beach next week and enjoy reading on the beach and watching the waves at the same time.  I can do almost anything with it so far and I like it.  Hubby is thinking that if I like it that much we will go and invest in another one for the business and get a bigger one for me for there as well so that I can go into my office and do whatever on it as well.  Wootwoot!


new tablet

Posted April 15th, 2013 by stacey

I never thought I would like a tablet but I went shopping for a new laptop and came home with a samsung galaxy 2 tablet instead and so far I am simply loving it! I never would have thought about how much more fun it would be. I thought they would be so limited in what they could do but really they can do so much! Definately going to be a learning experience for me but I am finding I like it a lot. I have to get the bluetooth keyboard for it though cause I amnot a finger typer. Lol
Cant wait to see more of its capabilities though. I went with a 7 inch screen but might go back and get the 10 instead cause typing is a biotch but if I get a keypad maybe I can handle it better. So far I love it!

Back to work Monday

Posted February 4th, 2013 by stacey

So the weekend was a bit more relaxed than most thank goodness I was in need of a break. Didn’t have to work at the shop on Saturday and so hubby and I basically browsed the bookstore and read for a bit, had a nap in the afternoon which was more cuddling and less sleeping but hey take what you can get it’s all good for me. Then a light dinner and a movie in house and then off to bed. WE did a bit of shopping early on Sunday morning for superbowl watching stuff and then did some cooking and stuff to get ready then we had a bunch of people over to watch the game all family but still a bunch with all of them here and grampa frank too. Then it was off to the peace a quiet once the game was over for some reading and then a bit of tv and off to bed cause work Monday was coming soon. OH well back to the real world right.
So work today is pretty busy and my lunchtime got moved to 1-2 pm daily so it’s good for me it’s just more time in the afternoon I don’t have to go. I like a later lunch and since we have always been closed for noon to 1pm it’s kinda quiet at that time so I get tons more done and very few if any interuptions. So it’s better for me. I like quiet when I work anyway.
Well back at it.

omg it’s fixed!

Posted January 29th, 2013 by stacey

OMG!  it’s finally fixed!  I have been trying for a month or more to be able to get into my own blog and it finally is fixed.  I thought I had tried everything but it would seem all I had to do was reset a couple of things and a security protocol that I did but the server when kapoot and viola!  I reset and put in a pin that should have been done months ago for it to work and now it’s done.

I have totally missed blogging, it’s like therapy when things go crazy around here and lately that is allll the time!  We have a new baby grandgirl and she is all that and a bag of love and she is soooo cute and cuddly!  I call her Peanut but her actual name is maddilyn stacey  her mom and dad call her Maddi but to me she is grammys little peanut.  She was another premie but she is sooo fiesty!  She is just like her namesake or so they tease me about it.  She is so sweet and so cute and loveable and her smile can melt the glaciers!  She is my sunshine and I sing her that song every chance i get, well that and the peanut song.

I made up the peanut song one day when she was fussy and nobody could get her to relax and quit fighting sleep so we have a song that she loves and puts her to sleep every time.

there was a little peanut rolling down the hill

there was a little peanut rolling down the hill

alone came a elephant and snarfed her right up!

she will smile and coo and smile some more and then about the 3rd round of that she just plops off to sleep.  It’s to cute and her mother hates it.  lol     Oh well whatever works right.

I’ll get pics of her up soon and the boys too.  I can’t believe how fast and big all the grankids are getting, brandy and tay are still living with us for a bit longer, but she found out that they got an apartment in March to move into and megz family has the little house that we own and they are happy there, it’s a bit on the small side for 3 kids and 2 adults now but they are happy with the payment and the space so it’s all good till they can get life working better and move into a bigger place.  Nick just turned 21 so he is out on his own now for sort of, he is renting a room at grampa’s to keep him on line and from being alone all the time so they have a bachelor pad of sorts and it’s good for them both, he cooks for grampa most nights and he isn’t living with mom and dad so it’s a win win for him and for us.

We are still holding onto the business and so far we have managed to weather the worst of the recession and that is a feat in and of itself so it’s all good.  We have had a couple of setbacks and I am still working at another place for the next few years till it’s paid off but it’s ok.  I have a 5 year limit on how long I am going to have to work if it’s the worst case sinario so it’s ok, I guess for now.  I work 40 + hours a week at my job and the store on the weekend and days off most of the time but it pays the bills and we are working for the better in the next 5 years.  I get some perks out of it too as I have my new xterra and that is my pay from our shop for me and all the hours I put in off the clock so it’s good.  I will take it and in 5 years it will be paid off too so it’s good.  I can work with that for now.

Hubby and I are doing good, the kids drive us batshit crazy most of the time with their stuff and the money they still borrow at an alarming pace but we make due and seem to be weathering it ok.  WE can see an end to them living in our house and getting out on their own and making it work sometime soon we hope but for now we make it all work.

The dogs and cat are great, I miss the ones that we have had to put down especially racer but it is what it is and he is better of then being in pain.  I still have cece and she is awesome as always.  SHE is so sweet just like her daddy and I am so blessed to have her.  We still have gatlin the lab,and belle the mixed breed and belle is the next to go she got in a tangle with cece and it beat her up pretty bad, jealousy sucks!  But she is making it through the cold just not very well and so she is just holding her own right now but it isn’t looking good.  She is short for this world I am afraid.  But other than that things are good.  Have a new kitten named Cali that is to sweet for words and she sleeps with us as well and I can’t imagine life without her now as well.

Well heading to watch Harry Potter with Tay before she goes to bed as she is with grammy and papa tonight till 930 when her mom gets home from classes at nnu.  She is really making tracks in her major and will be done is 8 months so she has really earned the right to be in a good position and we help when we can with tay.

Well more soon.


Been awhile

Posted March 21st, 2012 by stacey

So many things in life you can’t predict and so many throw one of course so fast you just can’t always get everything done and stay on the right path. My life seems to have run away from me and I am trying to regain balance and some kind of control of the chaos that has been surrounding me as of the last several months.
Life spun out of control so fast and so hard that it sent me into overdrive and I think I am finally to a point that I can slow down again, regain so clarity and hopefully recouperate from the mess things have been in. Being sick and down for 2 weeks makes one have a clear mind and know what is important and HAS to be done and what Needs to be done and what can wait.
Alot had to just wait for the past 2 weeks as I was down totally in bed and before that I was just trying to keep myself up and for the past 5-6 weeks I haven’t even been doing that all that well.

Hopefully the sickness will stay gone and I won’t have a relapse.  I’ve been warned heavily about taking it easy more often, not overdoing it and trying to relax a bit.  Something about overdoing and overstressing is bad for ones health.  LOL  Well welcome to my world.  I have a full time job and I have 3 times the workload I did have cause they fired one gal and just took her work and gave it to 2 of us, then with that they put my backup and office help on outside sales and now she is no better than the guys, won’t do anything that she doesn’t like or want to do and she is out all the time doing gawd knows what and her own errands on company time.  She even brags about what errands she ran that day while out on sales calls and delivering items to her favorite customers.  OH well.  So her work is also now my work.  So I doing the job it used to take 3 of us to complete in a day and now it’s just me.  I didn’t get the raise to go with it thought and that really really sucks.  But it is what it is……

Then when I am done with my day job I head out to the shop and help in the evenings with the spas and sanding and refinishing the trade in’s and used spas while hubby puts in all new equiptment and fixes any plumbing leaks and whatnot.  Then I do some computer work and some tax stuff that is all computer stuff as my hubby is a techtard, it’s a term of endearment I tell him but really he is not at all computer savey.

Then it’s home to the kids and the dogs and the house and anything else that we didn’t get to in the day.  We have a 20 year old son still  living at home, a 24 year old daughter the moved back in with us for the 2nd time since she moved out the first time and with her came a divorce and the 4 year old grandaughter.  We would like to keep the grankid and turn the other 2 out, but so far not happening.  I so enjoyed the 2 months that we were empty nesters, it was heavenly!  So much nicer to go out most nights as it’s cheaper than cooking and now we are back to eating in all the time and having to cook meals for all of them almost every night, we have all the bills and they don’t seem to ever have money to help out with food or utilities, so very very soon things are going to be changing drastically or they are going to be finding a new home.  lol

Might be easier if I just moved instead.  lol

The dogs are great, we are down to 3 of mine now.  I have CECE and GATTY and BELLE and that is moren than enough for me.  Son brought in a pup a couple years ago and she is still there but she is NOT mine and when he goes so does the dog, thank gawd, as she is digger and a jump out of the kennel if it doesn’t have a cover top on it.  So sucks!  And now for valentines day my daughter got a yorkie puppy that has managed to chew a hole in all 4 of my couch pillows and the leg of one of my new dinning room chairs and a corner or two of my drawers in the kitchen.  Oh the joys of having another pup in my house that I didn’t want and don’t need and am going to have to be the bad ass about and tell her when her dog tears up my stuff I am going to make her replace it or take the dog and move out.  The one thing I told her when she moved in was NO DOG!  And what do I get ……Another dog!  SHIT!

Oh well, things in life don’t always go as you had hoped and at least my other daughter is still loving the little house that we bought and she is living in.  she has her 2 boys and is hoping for a girl this time and we are hoping this is the last one for her.  I love my kid and the grankids but this is 3 and she doesn’t keep them in long enough, but this was an oooppss pregnancy and so we are going to get through this one and she is already on the schedule to have her tubes done once the kiddo is born no matter what the sex.  She is hoping that will be a good thing in the short and long term she is tired and doesn’t want more than 3 anyway.  so it’s all good.

Ethan had yet another surgery as he developed webbing in this trachea and they had to go in and remover it, very simple proceedure and it was in and out and a stay over night and off and running again.  Riley is funny and learning to walk and he can mimick sounds really well and we call him smiley riley.  The new kid if it’s a girl and all signs point to that and with one of the ultrasounds they said it’s a 60 % chance of a girl but we will know for sure on the 11th of april when they do the intensive ultrasound as they will be able to tell for sure.  We are all hoping for a girl this time and the name will be Madaline Stacey, and call her Maddie.  We are hoping for a girl but another boy would be ok  too as long as it’s healthy that’s really what matters.

Anyway, I’m off to my next job at the shop.

man it’s great to blog again and get all the stuff out of my head and down on here so I can keep my head clear and see where things are heading and just declutter my mind for a bit!